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Enjoy the Benefits of wool

Wool brings superior performance in comparison to manmade fibers, of course it is naturally occurring and exhibits many benefits


With its strong nature, wool can be easily maintained, as this textile resists soiling, repels surface spills, and responds well to cleaning. Its natural insulating properties also reduce heat loss, noise, and condensation.


You can do your part to save the environment by choosing wool floor coverings. An annually renewable natural resource, wool is easily recycled and/or biodegradable. It is also proven to greatly improve indoor air quality.


Don't take any chances with safety. Wool has a higher ignition threshold level than synthetic fibers, making it a better choice where fire safety is vital. It is the fiber and carpet of choice for casinos and airlines for this reason alone.


At Wool Solutions, our talented in-house design team can create beautiful carpets to meet the requirements of every sector of the contract and residential market. We also have one of the most comprehensive design archives in existence. Our products have been featured in high profile residential and hospitality projects around the world.

Cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining your quality purchase will repay you by keeping its beauty for many years.

A large portfolio
of work

We love providing solutions, any project is welcome residential or commercial, from recreating a historical masterpiece rug to boutique hotels and Country Clubs.


  • Applebrook Country Club Malvern, PA
  • American Hotel Sag Harbor, NY
  • Cape Fear Country Club Wilmington, NC
  • Chenal Country Club Little Rock, AR 
  • Chevy Chase Club Chevy Chase, MD


  • Foley Square US Court House New York
  • Golkin Hall University of Penn Law School   Philadelphia
  • Governor Office of Oregon Salem, OR
  • Lawrenceville School Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Memorial Library Town of Andover, MA

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