Gaskell Mackay's
Infinity Program

As a market leading weaving program, INFINITY represents the most flexible, cost effective route to bespoke woven carpets in the world of commercial interiors. At Wool Solutions/Gaskell Mackay, we continually strive to keep INFINITY at the forefront. With minimum order quantities of 25 yds² and maximum lead times of 6 week, this already impressive collection has now been expanded. It now includes the VISION palette and incorporates 82 colors in total with a distribution of  80% wool/20% nylon colors.

Westex Carpets'
Special Dye Service

The extensive color bank of Westex Carpets and its dedicated dye house allow us to match any color of your choice. All our carpets are UK made, managed and quality controlled, and we can dye them to match your color sample; be that a print card, swatch of fabric, or more unusual objects such as a snooker ball – the choice really is yours.

Our special dye service has a minimum quantity of 50yds² and the color yarn pom must meet your approval before production gets underway.

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